Clinic Update

Mollie is doing great! This morning started off a little rough with Mollie having a mini-meltdown about what she was going to wear and some spilled milk (in the car) on the way to clinic.

But things improved when we got to clinic. It wasn't crowded, and Mollie didn't fuss about her finger prick. I don't know whether it was the 2 packages of Oreos she ate in the clinic or the snow (yes, snow!) outside, but both girls were in a great mood.

Mollie's counts are great... ANC = 2200 and platelets and RBCs in the normal range. The plan is to continue the drugs she's on now and go back in 2 weeks for chemo and an echocardiogram (the check for any negative effects of the chemo on her heart function).



  1. Awesome! To my mind snow cures all, I love snow (can you see why Fairbanks appeals....:0), it's white, it's fluffy and you can throw snowballs at your siblings, what more do you need in life?

    Congrats again, great news!

  2. Hooray for great counts! Will Mollie be going to school this week? I hate we missed the snow, Makayla had already put in to go to Augusta if it snowed...boy will she be mad when she finds out. I'm so glad things are going awesome for you all. Happy Birthday Lucy! Mollie, will you eat some birthday cake for me?


  3. Checking in to make sure Mollie is doing great. No news is good news. Enjoy your weekend.



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