We had a lovely trip to Athens yesterday...

Lucy looked at monkey pictures at UGA, then we had a yummy lunch at Doc Chey's noodle house (the kiddos ate Dorritos- what can I say?).

After that, it was a walk around town looking for bulldogs. We also had Ben and Jerry's.

Then, we topped the day off with blueberry picking at Post Oak Farm.

Mollie had a lot of energy and she and Bella got along splendidly.


  1. Sarah, it amazes me that you now have two children, are going through an insanely stressful time, and you still look like you did when you were 16. It looks like you guys had a lovely day.

  2. Sarah,

    You are amazing! The blog is wonderful and your joy radiates through it during these stressful times. I am so glad that you include photos. I am just gradually catching up on my own e-mails, but know that Mollie, and all of you, are often in my thoughts. I am so glad that you and Matt got out for a date. That time together is so very important.

  3. that is such a cute photo of you and mollie! and i agree with G and my mom, above!


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