Just the card/package update for this week.... Uncle Robert, Phil and Holly, Alex (Tian Tian), Nicola, J & C

Again, the encouragement is wonderful. Mollie REALLY appreciates the cards and listens intently as we read them out loud to her.


  1. sarah, i am so glad you had a good weekend. i see your lance armstrong quote. have you read his book? i haven't, but my dad just finished it and has mentioned it several times. i think (partly as a biker, which my dad is too), my dad got a lot out of lance's story about his cancer, just as he is supporting my mom through hers. for whatever it is worth (and as if you have time to read). hugs.

  2. Is it possible Colby Grace could send her a card? I asked Miss Ashlyn a few weeks ago if she would forward a hand made card to Mollie but said she would ask you the next time she spoke with you. I have not heard anything yet but saw this post and thought I would ask.


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