This has been a good weekend.

Mollie and I went to "girls night" last night, had a good time, and stayed out late. After sleeping in today, we had a relaxing morning. Then Shane came over to babysit while Matt and I went to lunch and a movie (first movie we've gone to together in over a year I think).

We still haven't done anything about the hair but let it fall out on it's own. Personally, I would rather see Mollie with no hair than straggly ragged hair, but I am letting her decide. After all, it's her body. Isabel's mom said she dyed her hair pink before cutting it so we may give that a go....

Our friends Shane and Michelle have really stepped up and made these last few weeks much easier. Thanks you gals!!


  1. I think girls' night and a date with your hubby both sound like a great way to spend some time! By the way, a friend of mine is putting together people in Baton Rouge to go and give blood this week-- strangers supporting your daughter-- I think it's pretty cool :)

  2. Liv- that IS awesome! If they send pictures, I'll put them up on the site.

    Mollie and Lucy benefited from a little face time with other people, not just mama and daddy.


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