Feelin' Groovy

These arrived in the mail today and Mollie was sooooo excited. Jay and Diane also sent some buttons. And Mollie got 3 books about bravery and some buttons from my aunt Sunni and a letter from one of her chemo angels. We feel like it's still Christmas!

Mollie is feeling good. Today is her last day of clindamycin (antibiotic). We are all glad because it has been bugging her stomach a little and she hasn't felt like eating much.

The plan is for Mollie to start maintenance tomorrow: a spinal tap (methotrexate), IV vincristine, 5-day steroid pulse, and daily 6-mercaptopurine. It looks like a lot of chemo when I write it out, but it is much less than she has been getting.


  1. Mollie, you are beautiful. I love the pink ear muffs. Congratulations on reaching maintenance. We do all of that and once a week Gage takes (six) methotrexate pills. It's so hard to keep up with which day it is and what meds go with that day. Congratulations to all of you and may 2009 be the BEST!


  2. That is an awesome picture, and some awesome ear muffs - love it!


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