Merry Christmas

We hope everyone had peaceful, joy-filled holiday celebrations!

We had a lovely Christmas at home! Mollie and Lucy both enjoyed the decorations, festivities and gifts. Mollie claims her favorite gift was a giant stuffed Carebear from Ben and Jen, although she seems to enjoy all of her gifts. Her button collection is growing - she received some special buttons from two of my best friends, Lauren and Anita, and even more from her great-grandmother Mollie. GG Mollie gave her some buttons that belonged to her great, great grandmother Miss Eunice and also one off of her great-grandfather's Navy uniform.

Today.... we are off to the zoo.


  1. Merry Christmas! I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday at home. Some of the buttons that Anita and I sent are from my grandmother.I inherited her button collection in a blue mason jar.the rhinestone button is a new one! Love,L

  2. I, too, and glad to see the kids at home in front of the tree. Missing you guys and hoping to see you this coming year!

  3. Happy holidays to all you. How wonderful to see the girls in front of the tree--a great photo in itself, made more so by all that you all have been through. You have been much in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. happy holidays, S, M, M, and L! wishing you were here! also, happy birthday, S!


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