Happy New Year!

We had our neighbors over for our traditional New Year's Eve cheese fondue last night. It was fun and low key. Mollie and Bella actually stayed up to usher in 2009. Lucy tried to stay awake, but finally gave in around 11 PM (thank goodness!).

I was worried about how Mollie would act around Bella; the previous night she had a big meltdown when Bella was here. Mollie had not been around any children other than Lucy for over a month, and I think she felt overwhelmed. And her social skills need some practice. We are looking forward to getting her back into pre-K and also having her see a child psychologist to work through some of her feelings.

Last night started out a little rough, but Mollie just needed a little encouraging and reassurance. She and Bella ended up playing for 4 hours with very little intervention. We gave them pots and pans to bang outside at midnight but Mollie heard firecrackers and was too scared to go out. A short time later they were snug in their sleeping bags. Unfortunately they were up at 7:30 AM today!

We hope 2009 will be filled with health and joy for all!

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