Still here

Mollie is still in the hospital. Her ANC is up a bit, but she is still neutropenic and still has a cough. Her moods are up and down, mostly as a result of her being stuck in here. One of her favorite nurses (Holly) is here tonight and the Child Life team has been really great. Oh, and the unlimited supply of chocolate milk makes Mollie really happy. So, she's hanging in there.

I am so thankful Sally and Katie are here! They have been very helpful and it always makes things easier emotionally to have someone else to talk to. Today we had a fancy teaparty in Mollie's hospital room, complete with lace tablecloth, monogramed napkins, and a selection of delectable cookies. I'm sad that they are leaving tomorrow and that we won't be able to make it to my grandpa's memorial. The nurse will draw labs in the morning- hopefully Mollie's counts will continue to increase and we can get out of here soon!!

In other news, I had portraits of the girls shot at our house last Sunday and the photographer posted some of them on her blog. I am really happy with how these turned out and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest. We had to cancel several times because of weather and illness and it started raining just a couple hours after she shot these pictures!


  1. S, i am so sad mollie is stuck there and that you are missing your grandfather's memorial too, but you know he would understand. but, oh, those shots are gorgeous! they look so happy. lucy looks so like matt and those dresses? CUTE!

  2. Thanks nea. The dresses? $12.99 @ Target. 100% cotton, too.

  3. Pass a Hello to Sally and Katie. It is nice that you were able to have some of your family around this week, I wish you could have made it back to CA. The best to Mollie. eh

  4. Oh my, your days are full. I agree with NEA that your Grandpa would understand--nay, he would say that you are where you belong. The photos are absolutely exquisite!

  5. Thank goodness for chocolate milk, Sally and Katie. I am sorry you won't be able to come out. Mollie looks so much like a Mertz kid in those pictures. She really takes after you.


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