In the hospital

Bleh. Bleh. Bleh. Bleh. Bleh.

Mollie spiked a fever this evening, landing her in the hospital. We are waiting on labs and hoping to be able to go home (but we'll probably end up admitted). She has had a lingering cold, and with starting school again last week, this was probably inevitable. So please keep your fingers crossed. We are planning to travel for my grandfather's memorial in a few days and we really want us all to be able to attend.

The hardest part tonight was that the nurses (all three of them) had a very difficult time getting Mollie's port to work. This is the venous access port that is implanted under the skin of her chest and connected to her jugular vein. After every access, it is supposed to be packed with heparin to keep it from clotting, but we are not sure if they did it last week because they de-accessed her in the OR after her spinal tap.

Tonight, the nurses kept moving her arms in all different positions and they couldn't get it to draw back or flush. It might have been clogged. On the 4th try they got it (thank goodness!!) and were able to send the blood off for analysis. Mollie yelled a few times but mostly coped in her usual way by saying, "Bleh. Bleh. Bleh. Bleh. Bleh." And sticking out her tongue and squeezing my hands.

Reminders to self:
1) Always have the nurse access her port while she is sitting up.
2) Next time we are in clinic, ask what size needle to use and WRITE IT DOWN.
3) Double check that her port is packed with heparin after each de-access (esp. if we are not there when it is de-accessed).


  1. Thinking good thoughts for your big girl!

  2. It sounds as if Mollie should get the award for 'being brave.' I am not sure that I would have done as well. Well, I know I wouldn't have because I got somewhat irritated when they couln't find a vein recently. Do you remember the old Lamaze technique of scrunching your toes to relocate the discomfort? Tell her that is the trick I use. Love to all of you!


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