Feeling Fine

This morning I was getting Mollie some Cheerios (if she doesn't eat first thing her stomach gets upset) and she said, "When Daddy wakes up, will you ask him if we can go jogging together?"

This is the child who got out of the hospital yesterday afternoon. So they went. I am not sure how much she ran, but she is tired out now and taking a nap in her room.

She wore her new Nikes (just like Daddy's shoes) that Paul sent last week!


  1. The pro photos are cute!!! (Sam and I had to have some done while he was here-- cheesy, but otherwise no photos from 2008!) I'm glad Mollie is out of the hospital and that crafts and chocolate milk make the world a better place-- how nice :) I'm impressed at the jog with Daddy-- very, very cute.

  2. She probably did better than my jog last week....from which I am still suffering! Well done Mollie!


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