Hospital Ins and Outs

Mollie woke up at 5 AM Sunday with a fever of 99.5. Throughout the day she complained of various ailments and wanted to go to "that place where they have comfortable beds and Rice Krispies" (the hospital). We decided to just keep checking her temperature and it stayed between 99 and 100 all day. So we finally spoke with Dr. B who sent us to the Pediatric ER.

She got her port accessed AND also a venous blood draw (to make sure there was no infection in her central line). Then she got IV antibiotics and we waited around for something to happen.

Finally the attending came in and told us he had Dr. B on the line; they wanted our opinion on whether she would be better off going home or being admitted. Matt and I both preferred to go home, and they said fine. But... Mollie was all set to go to the hem/onc floor and get settled in. So we spent about 10 minutes talking her out of staying in the hospital and hyping up going home.

About five minutes later the attending came in and said, "Dr. B just put the brakes on going home". All the doctors are scared of Dr. B. So we had to re-talk Mollie into staying in the hospital. Sigh.

Looks like we're going home today though. Dr. A rounded this morning and agreed to discharge her since her fever is down, her ANC is good, and this doesn't look like anything serious.

Right now Mollie is at Camp 2 Go. The child life team is hosting a "summer camp" right here in the hospital. I'm headed out to see if she's having fun...

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  1. Oh my heavens! Your days are so full--you must feel as if you are on a merry-go-round with no control on the speed. I hope that you are taking care of yourself, Sarah. I am sending hugs and all good thoughts to all of you.


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