Clinic again...

First of all... Hi to Uncle Sam. Hope you are enjoying things stateside (and in tropical paradise, no less).

We left the hospital Monday morning. No conclusion about what caused the fever... probably just a minor yeast infection? Anyway, IV antibiotics did the trick.

Tuesday was spent hanging out and making Flower Fairies (using a kit from TC).

Mollie went to clinic today (dressed like a rockstar).

It was a quick visit just to monitor her CBC. We spent most of the time in the waiting room playing bowling on the Wii (well, Mollie watching and Matt and I playing). Mollie's blood counts were great. Her ANC was 5400. At diagnosis, it was 0. Since then it's bounced around between 800 and 3000, so today's results are really good. That means she has one more week of consolidation therapy and then she starts interim maintenance (IM). IM starts out with IV vincristine, a 5-day pulse of dexamethasone, oral 6-MP, and oral methotrexate. Sounds worse than consolidation to me.... but it is essentially the same therapy she'll be on for the next two years. In fact, the protocol states that she will be on long term maintenance (LTM) for 2 years from the day she starts IM.

Postal service update: we have received several letters and postcards (Mollie enjoys hearing from friends and family) and a package from Lauren (Mollie loves the paper dolls).


  1. what a cutie. and so age appropriate. letting lala wear what she wants has provided some serious entertainment. continued healthy thoughts headed her way.

  2. Hi Mollie
    I read about you on Katie Kelleys blog.I am Katies Aunt Michelle. I really wish you all the best. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I'm a fan of the outfit, especially because of the smiles it apparently brought!! :) Uncle Sam is out on the lanai at the moment, but I signed on so he could read the latest- I'll be sure he sees your hellos.

  4. I actually think Mollie's outfit is quite fashion forward.
    :) I will have to send her a photo of the sparkly shoes I just bought.


  5. Mollie is totally stylin'. So good to see her enjoying being a girl and a kid through all of this hospital stuff. What a trooper.


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