Clinic visit continued....

I *think* our internet access is fixed (fingers crossed).

Mollie's clinic visit went very well. She is tolerating the 6-MP very well. Her counts have been very good (ANC = 2900, plts and Hgb in the normal range).

In general, she is doing very well. Her appetite is not very good, but she's maintaining her weight. She can now swallow pills, so giving her medications is much easier. Her main complaint lately is that she wants to go to school. She's also complained that her forehead hurts sometimes and she feels like spitting up (but hasn't). These episodes seem to last only for a few minutes- I think it's nausea.

I am worn out. My biology class started last week and it's the same class I taught over the summer so it's not too much work. I have some loose ends to tie up from my previous job (ugh, sigh of dread). And I've been staying up late watching the Olympics (I just can't help it... they only come once every four years).


  1. Dear Sarah,
    PLEASE give yourself a break. You are increditable!!

  2. take a rest, S. glad M is well. hugs.


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