I received this e mail the other day (Skimra is my sister's best friend):

Hey everyone,

Well the time has come, and yes, hell has frozen over. On August 8th, 2008, we had our final assembly at Camp O---- for the summer season. At that assembly, I asked M---- to cut off 12 inches of my hair to be donated to Locks of Love. After the hacking session, the total amount of hair, braid and all, was about 15 inches. I never thought I'd actually do it, but I think it was about time for a change, and to try and do some good in the world for those who are going through tough times. I offered Katherine my hair for little Moll
ie, but we both agreed that Mexiswede hair was probably not the best pick for her blue eyes, fair skin, and platinum blonde hair...

Here's best wishes to Mollie and all others fighting the fight... Keep going, and never give up.

For your enjoyment, here are some pictures of the epic event.


Skimra you are awesome!

Mollie and I have talked about wigs and she *thinks* she wants one. Seems reasonable, but the wig she wants is a rainbow afro!


  1. I love the rainbow afro! I hope she has some bellbottoms to go with it. I sense some photos appropriate for her senior yearbook coming on... Skimra is awesome, too!!!

  2. fabulous and i love the wig choice!


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