Appointment tomorrow...

The last few days have been happy! We went to the park and library yesterday....

And today we went to the botanical gardens (and zoo).

Tomorrow is a clinic visit, so... NPO tonight and then tomorrow morning Mollie gets her port accessed, a CBC, and a spinal tap.


  1. You really are a trooper! I know you *have* to do it, but I think you're doing it with flying colors. Instead of being down in the dumps about how yucky the situation is, you're out at the zoo and botanical gardens. Mollie will probably have more memories of a fun childhood than she will of how badly she felt from the ALL (I hope so, anyway, but at this rate with your go-get-'em attitude it seems that that'll be the case!) And Lucy's little face is just so sweet-- her marshmallow arms are freakin' adorable! Glad to see good times in abundance being posted :)

  2. sweet photos! these are the -treasure-being-at-home kind of days!


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