This week should have been Mollie's first week of pre-kindergarten and she can't attend. Poor sweetie. She said, "I wonder what all of the kids in my class are doing right now..." She really misses the regular contact she's had with friends. We've signed her up for the library story hour and I'm trying to find a ballet or dance class because she loves getting out of the house.

As for what the future holds, school-wise, I can't even go there. I have so many concerns about socialization, academics, religion, etc. I have too many other things on my plate right now to start down the path of.... "If we don't get her into the right preschool then we might not get our first choice kindergarten" or, since we were talking about moving (pre-diagnosis), "What happens if we move?".

So, I'm just doing my best to keep all three of us occupied, active, and learning new things. This afternoon we went to a local park/interpretive center and Mollie had a great time looking at all the flora and fauna. Anyone know a good place to get one of those insect magnifying glasses?

After the park we stopped at a local kids consignment store and looked around. Mollie has a little "spending" money so I told her she could pick something out. There were all kinds of dolls, toys, crowns, etc. You know what Mollie desperately wanted? A mop! So, Mollie is preparing to do some cleaning with her new rag mop and the broom/dustpan she already had.


  1. i try not to say this too much, but i understand all the mamma worries, even if i don't have the complications you have. you are doing an amazing job. you are handing this so well. i admire you greatly!

  2. Colby Grace has asked about Mollie. We miss having her in Pre-K

    As for Ballet- We got Colby Grace in a 1 hour long tap and ballet class at Martinez Evans Dance studion. Very good price and still has space to sign up. There are many out there I'm sure that still has a space. We are praying for you guys and miss Mollie and her smiling face at school!

  3. Jennifer,
    Thanks for the advice on dance. We're definitely going to get her involved in some sort of class. Mollie misses all of her friends. Hopefully we'll be able to get her in (at least for a visit) in the next few weeks! Please tell Colby Grace that Mollie says hello!!


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