Tomorrow (Weds) Mollie starts Interim Maintenance (IM) if all goes as planned. No spinal tap (yay!), but she will get IV and oral chemo, including methotrexate by mouth. This will be her first time taking oral methotrexate so we don't know how well she will tolerate it. She will also start a 5 day "pulse" of steroids. This is basically going to be a little taste of the long term maintenance (LTM) regimen she'll be on for about 2 years.

Consolidation was a breeze and we are hoping Mollie will tolerate this next phase just as well.

Requests: The child life specialist at the clinic said that she has a hard time finding "girl" toys to keep available because 1) they need to be able to be sanitized between kids (so no soft surfaces or wood) and 2) they can't be choking hazards. She's found a couple of "Dora" toys and Mrs. Potatohead, but not much more than that. Any ideas?


  1. what age group? are plastics okay? and was she looking for ideas or donations?

  2. and i hit enter before saying...good luck, mollie. you continue to be in our thoughts.

  3. I think plastics are really the only thing that WILL work. As for the ages- 10 and under. So she's really just looking for good toy ideas.

    And ponies have tails that can't be sanitized :(

  4. These were my friend Sabrina's ideas, she has worked in the playroom for kids at the hospital at UNM for the last couple years "Plastic rain sticks are fun for kids of all ages, but especially the toddlers, and can help with distraction when they are getting poked or accessed. Musical toys are good (i.e. plastic pianos, shakers, painted or sealed wood instruments, etc.). Plastic dolls are good for pre-school age (like polly pockets or barbies, but polly pockets can sometimes be a choking hazard), playdough and the plastic tools that kids can use to play with it (letting them take the play dough home with them), duplo plastic blocks (the larger and smaller size). There are blocks called wedgets that are also fun. Those aren't really girl specific though." eh


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