We're still here

... but we have been the victims of microbes!  Various infections and afflictions have slowed us down a bit the last two weeks.  I won't bore you with the details, but with three different antibiotics (for three different individual) and numerous OTC meds, we are coming out of the fog.  However, I anticipate more sneezing as allergy season has just begun.

Mollie and I had a nice little trip to Augusta for Bella's birthday at the end of March!  Visiting our friends always reminds us how much we miss them, and Augusta is really beautiful this time of year (dogwoods in glorious bloom- it is no coincidence that this is when the Masters tournament is held), so it was hard to come back home!

Not much else to report at the moment.  Mollie's monthly clinic visit is tomorrow so I will post another update when we get the numbers.


  1. We were so thrilled you came to Augusta for Bella's birthday. Also, so glad the house is sold. Sorry ... next time we'll get those margaritas!!



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