Showing courage means being brave at something.  That's what it means to me!  I like courage!  Don't give up!
       ~Mollie Carroll King

Today Mollie received the character education award for her class at the monthly school assembly.  The character trait she displayed to earn the award was courage!  Her fellow students voted that she should get the award and she was taken by surprise at the assembly today.  These children never knew her during her cancer treatment, so clearly she's making it known that she is a brave girl!  We are so proud of her!

Have a lovely spring weekend!

Egg carton daffodils and a found bird's nest bring a little spring indoors


  1. Way cool Mollie! You are so brave. I love you so much.

  2. Way to go Mollie!!! Love the hair do. She has grown and changed so much, a very pretty young lady.

    Hope you guys continue to do well.

  3. Well deserved! She certainly is! And I love the egg carton daffs. Want to share how you made them, please?

  4. I am so happy for you, Mollie! You look so nice and I see by the daffodils, you are ready for spring! Mrs. Swenson

  5. She looks great! Yay for birthdays and awards and "normal" life :)

    PS - I love the bday weekend photo painting ceramics and Lu's expression!

  6. Well, I just reread this and it still brings tears (of joy) to my eyes. A brave girl with incredibly strong parents.

    Grandpa TC


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