On the agenda

Mollie loved this little, warm bookshop in Blowing Rock, NC
This week Mollie has TWO clinic appointments- her regular oncology follow up (for counts) at Levine and then her surgery follow up in Augusta.
She's growing into quite a young lady!

We got a bonus doctor visit yesterday; Lucy was begrudgingly holding my hand as we were walking through the store, angry because I wouldn't buy her a chocolate milk.  She did that "thing" that toddlers do- just kind of buckled her knees- and I jerked up on her arm so she wouldn't end up on the floor.  As I did that, I felt something give.  Lucy seemed fine for a few minutes and then started crying.  She was in real pain, holding her arm, and wouldn't use it.  Lucy has a high tolerance for pain, so off to the doctor we went to make sure it wasn't broken. They did a couple of X-rays and determined it was "probably" not broken, but Dr. T was concerned enough that he set us up to see the orthopedist today.  We think she may have had a dislocation at her elbow that was reduced when the X-ray techs manipulated her arm around.  Have I mentioned how great it is to have our doctor around the corner from our house?  We can walk there in 5 minutes!  And they have a lab and x-ray on site.  Since she's feeling better and using the arm, we don't have to follow- up.... woo hoo!

Liam, participating in his favorite activity:  eating hamburgers!

Story time with grandma (Momo), Blowing Rock, NC

Playing in the leaves at Reedy Creek Park
Speaking of places we can walk to in 5 minutes, we got our Christmas tree on Saturday.  There is a little tree lot set up at the park area behind our house, so we walked over, picked one out, and Matt carried it home!  We put it up Saturday evening and it looks great!  That might be the earliest we've ever had a tree.  Usually it is Dec 20 before we start thinking about it... and then we leave it up forever.  It is cold here, so we are spending a lot of time inside enjoying the tree!


  1. What a pretty dress, Mollie!

    Sorry to hear about Lu - hopefully it's nothing serious.

    Liam & Billy must be kindred spirits.

    Glad you're enjoying the holidays!

  2. Those are some great pictures of some fun adventures! Mollie in front of the Christmas tree is quite a young lady--a far cry from the very first time we met her at age 1-1/2 at Matt's grandparents' home. Years certainly fly by. It's cold here in Florida, too--32 degrees this morning and at 1:15 pm it is only 50 degrees (which is better than 32 degrees but still colder than I enjoy)! Sure hope the temperatures warm up for your Disney trip! I hope Liam ate his burger all up; and also that Miss Lucy's arm is doing better.
    Take care,

    Cousin Theresa
    (Matt's cousin)

  3. Mollie, you are looking great!
    Lucy - looking pixie-ish!
    Liam - looking HUNGRY! (just like Uncle Billy)
    Momo - looking happy to be with grandkids

    Regards to all.

  4. I LOVE the photos! They are all looking so much bigger these days! That stinks about Lucy....that is bound to happen one of these days with Finnian!

  5. The excitement never ends for you guys, I bet you wish it would just calm down a bit. Hope all goes well with the Drs appointments. The children are beautiful, loving Mollie's dress and her pretty hair.

    I think it's great that you guys are within walking distance to several things. We are 9 miles to the closest store and 15 miles from Wal-Mart. Many days I wish we lived closer to town.

    Hope you all enjoy a nice quiet Christmas filled with love. Miss you guys :(


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