A Good Cry

Just a few hours after I finished uploading photos for my post yesterday, Mollie arrived home from school.  I suggested we take her bandages off so I could check her incision (her follow up appointment is not until next week).  She was very reticent - I thought she was worried about the pain from the adhesive.  I got out the detachol (brilliant solvent for removing adhesive bandages) and she let me put it on the tegaderm (the outer bandage).  It peeled off easily along with one of the steri-stips (inner bandages) from the smaller incision.  The smaller scar looked great and I walked her into the bathroom to show her in the mirror.  The larger incision was still covered, but Mollie would barely look.  She just hung her head and started sobbing.

I held her until she calmed down and asked her what was wrong.  "Why did this happen to me?  Why did I have to have leukemia, surgery, and all the medicine and hospitals and blood draws?"  It is certainly not the first time she, or any of us, have asked this question.  My reply, as always, was to tell her that I wished it had never happened to her, that we are doing everything possible to make sure it doesn't come back, and to reassure her that it was not her fault.  We talked a little bit about biology, God, and doctors.

She calmed down.  She asked me to cover the incision with a band aid.  That did the trick.

Later, she took a much-needed shower, but we left the steri strips and band aid in place.

I think she needed a good cry.    She feels much better about everything today.  A good cry and a hot shower work wonders.


  1. Mollie is blessed to have such strong parents. Give her lots of hugs - one from me too...Dru Swenson

  2. Very moving. I can't imagine a child going through what she did. She is such a brave strong girl. I'm sure that you told her that she deserves a good cry AND a refreshing shower. Having two caring parents counts for a lot.
    Give Mollie a big hug for me and tell her the she is my "shero".

  3. Aww that's so touching! At least she had great support and was able to relieve some frustrations. Can't imagine what that's like, mama, but you do a good job :)

  4. A good cry and a hot shower - amen to that! Mollie you are so brave and so sweet. I love you with all my heart.

  5. Amen. Good cry and a hot shower...but you forgot to note the HUGE hug from your mom. Works at 6, works at 33.

  6. Thanks for posting all of this, Sarah!
    You are ALL so brave and amazing!
    I love you.
    Cousin Syl

  7. This is so very, very touching. What a burden Mollie carries, but she is so very fortunate to be able to express her thoughts and to have a wise, caring Mother who can find the right comforting words at the right time. All of my love to you both!

  8. Hugs to you guys. It is so hard when these tiny kiddos have such deep thoughts, but so great that she has you to be able to express them to.

    p.s. We LOVE the earrings! Mimi keeps saying when she is 7 and her port is out she will have earrings :)

  9. A good cry and a shower, good life skills for later too! Mollie you are so brave, you'll forever be my hero! Love the pics, and LOVE the earrings, I hope you thoroughly enjoy them!

  10. Oh, Sarah,
    What a strong, amazing girl she has been and is. She is smarter than the rest of us combined. And you have helped guide her that way. Hugs, Nicola


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