Happy Halloween!

This was a fun-filled weekend!  Mollie didn't have school on Friday, so we spent the day getting ready for Halloween.  We went to the pumpkin patch, cut out bats to decorate our door, and looked online for pumpkin carving ideas.

Yesterday we carved pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds. 

Today, Halloween, we went downtown for a Dia de los Muertos celebration- the girls got their faces painted, decorated sugar skulls, and made crepe paper flowers.  Mollie soaked it all in!  Lucy is feeling a little under the weather, but she enjoyed herself too.  Of course they were very excited for trick-or-treating tonight.  Matt took them around the neighborhood after a quick dinner and they came back with lots of treats!  Then it was straight to bed because it is back to school tomorrow...

Cancer hardly crossed our minds this weekend!  Medical bills from Mollie's most recent hospital stay arriving in the mail were the only reminder.  This Halloween was infinitely more enjoyable than last year, when Mollie was in the hospital with H1N1 & pneumonia.  A real-life miracle. Hallelujah!

Hope your weekend was lovely!


  1. Great pics. It looks like everybody had a good time and you all deserve it!

  2. Adorable adorable trick or treaters you have! That collage is awesome! Was that hospital stay a year ago? Mollie, you are amazing!

  3. Oh what wonderful photos! I don't know who is the most splendid! Mollie is a wonderful witch' Lucy looks perfect in that hat and Liam leaves me speechless! And I do love your pumpkins. Nicola and I were just on the phone for a nice chit-chat and she told me "Mom, you have to looks at Sarah's blog." She was right--what a perfect way to end a lovely day!

  4. What a cute gaggle of pumpkins, witches and bees you have there!


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