Practically Perfect...

It has been a good week!

Mollie and I went to see the musical Mary Poppins on Tuesday.  We got dressed up for the occasion (and she dressed her doll to match).  It was fabulous evening.  To start off, we got a great (and free) parking spot just a block from the theatre.  That left us plenty of time to grab quesadillas before the show.  When we got to the theatre, they upgraded our seats... on the house!  The show was magical!  The new songs (like Practically Perfect) fit seamlessly into the story.  It was a fun show and the actors interacted with the audience quite a bit; I think Mollie is starting to appreciate how rich live performances are.

This weekend we took our inaugural family camping trip.  There were a few bumps- Liam tipped over in his chair and scraped his face and our old tent broke when we were breaking camp (better than when we were setting up camp)- but all in all it was a good time!  The weather was lovely and the park (Pilot Mtn., NC) was very pretty.  The kids took to it very well and enjoyed the experience.  We are looking forward to doing it again in the near future!


  1. Mollie looks fantastic in that red outfit. And of course her doll would match (Baby Anabelle?).
    I'm glad that everyone had a great camping trip. The place looks beautiful. It sounds like the whole family caught a well-needed break. Love to you all.

  2. Mollie - love the picture of you and your doll. What a great idea to dress alike! It looks like camping was fun for you and the family too. You did a great job writing your name with sticks.
    Mrs. Swenson


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