Deep Breath

I can't convey in words how full the last week has been.  The move has gone pretty well so far; the movers did an excellent job and took much better care of our belongings than we would have.  Our new place is about the same square footage as our house (fingers crossed for it to sell quickly), but a different layout, so I am having to rethink how to arrange everything.  But, we are settling in.  My aunt Sally is here visiting, helping with kids & unpacking, and providing good company.  We are making progress unpacking boxes (and boy are there a lot of boxes to unpack).  It is wonderful to have the market just a short walk away (less than 2 blocks) and the pool just 3 blocks away. 

We went back to Augusta on Sunday and stayed overnight with our good friends for Mollie's appointment on Monday.  Mollie and Lucy had a great time with Isabella- it was the perfect way to prepare for a week of steroids.  Mollie received her monthly chemo and her counts were perfect again:  ANC is 1800!  She is tolerating the steroids pretty well this week.  The evenings are rough because she is tired and hungry; she wants to eat, but she can't make up her mind about what she wants.

Last night Lucy spiked a fever of 103.7.  She was feverish all night and into this morning, but it seems like she is recovering now.  I don't handle fevers very well any more- I want a CBC. Stat!  Now we just have to hope that the rest of us, especially Mollie and Liam, don't come down with the same thing because we are headed out for vacation on Saturday.


  1. Sarah, Glad the move went as smoothly as possible. Hope you guys have a wonderful trip! You definitely deserve it after all you guys have been through lately. Jeanene

  2. I've been checking daily, waiting on an update. I am so glad that the move went smoothly and things are going well.

    Sorry to hear Lucy wasn't feeling well, praying that it was a short lived thing and no one else will have it.

    Miss you guys!

    We will be in Augusta August 9th and 10th, hoping for a play date on the 9th......we would love to see you if it works with Mollie's schedule.

    Take care

  3. I am glad the move went ok. Can you email me with your new address?
    Sorry Lucy has a fever. I wouldn't handle them well if I were you, either!

  4. Hope Lucy feels better soon and congrats on finally being "home" again. Ditto on the address for me!

  5. Miss you soooooooooo much. Glad the move went well and you are settling. Mollie is a trooper. I got a sneak peek at the new revised clinic and it is breath taking. It looks so peaceful and calm. Just what our children and you all deserve. Take care - miss and love you. The Dube's


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