Just Keep Swimming

Mollie had her last day of steroids yesterday and is doing just fine. The increased dose made the effects of the steroids a little stronger this time, but as long as we kept her busy and full of sandwiches from Panera, she was happy. It helped a lot to have my dad here and my brother in law, Uncle Sam. We went to Greenjackets game to see fireworks and ended up leaving early because it rained so much and Mollie was getting grouchy. On Sunday, we had a nice barbecue with our friends at Clarks Hill reservoir. It poured for a little while, but we did get to enjoy a little sun and spending time together.

This week it is just chipping away at the chore list. Mollie got a little play time with Isabella and Nadira today, but she is still feeling the effects of the steroids so she mostly wanted to stay close to me. Hopefully tomorrow she'll feel back to her normal self and I'm hoping the weather will cooperate.

We signed up for the library's summer reading program and family story time at the library. Mollie is quite the reader these days and reads every sign we see on the road. It is quite the challenge to get in enough quiet reading time with Liam in the mix. I might have to institute a few minutes of DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) each day for Mollie and Lucy.


  1. Being 6 and having a world full of new words must be so fun. (H is doing the same thing). Sarah, say hello to your dad for me. Mollie, you are so tough, keep up the good attitude, you are amazing. eh

  2. oh I love love love the concept of DEAR. new to me, thank you for sharing it!


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