In Full Swing

Summer has arrived around here- sweltering heat, big bugs, mosquitos, weeds. Not my favorite season here in Augusta and with Lucy in her cast, it is even worse. We are staying indoors for the most part because when we go outside she wants to play in the sandbox. Sand and casts are not a good combo!

Mollie is enjoying her second week at summer day camp and is in pretty good spirits over all. She loves seeing her old buddies from pre-K! Tomorrow she has her monthly IV chemo/steroid pulse- I made her appointment in the afternoon so she can participate in the craft activity at camp in the morning.

Lucy is now walking on her cast pretty well (and climbing the stairs when I'm not looking!). She's got spunk! She knows how to manipulate and she's not letting any broken leg slow her down.

Liam is sweet as can be and growing so quickly! I am in search of new carseats for him and Lucy. They are both about to outgrow their seats; unfortunately, Lucy's seat is also expired, so I can't use it for Liam. Anyone tried the Graco Nautilus seat? Or any other recommendations for a seat for Lucy?

We are chugging along...


  1. Never commented before, but the Graco Nautilus was a great seat, however if you are planning to use it as a booster in the future you should be aware that it got the safety rating just above the flat out "not recommended." We loved it at a car seat but our children are small and the seat seemed narrow but we will not be using it as a booster as the seat belt position on our five year old goes across their abdomen in the booster mode and not their hips. Just and FYI.

  2. We have a Graco Nautilus for Hannah, and actually temporarily converted it to a booster for her while she's got her cast. Can't manage the harness with that, and it actually works really well. We love it, and I know Kat has 3 for her girls. We'll be getting another when Norah outgrows her convertible.

  3. I am glad everyone is doing well! Hope your steroid pulse is "calm"
    We love our Graco Nautilus! We love it so much we have three of them :) All three girls are in the 5pt harness.

  4. Glad things are going well(ish)!


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