Clinic Update

Mollie's clinic visit went well today-we went in the afternoon and there was nobody else there!  Her ANC is 1100 (perfect) and other counts were great.  We forgot to put the Emla cream on her port to numb it up, but she let me rub a little cream in before they accessed her and it was no problem.  She is such a champ!

Even though everything went smoothly, Mollie was a little cranky and teary.  I still haven't figured out why; my best guess is that she was tired.  She has started her steroid pulse so I'm expecting more tears and frustration (for both of us!) over the next few days.

Oh, I also learned that her last spinal tap wasn't her final spinal tap like we originally thought.  I had assumed that since her "end of chemo" date is Sept. 3 that this chemo cycle, which ends ~Aug. 20, would be her last cycle.  But the protocol calls for her to continue with the next cycle and then just stop chemo mid cycle on the "end date".  It seems kind of arbitrary to me, but it means that Mollie will have a spinal tap in late August and will stop chemo on Sept. 3.  No problem- Mollie seems glad she gets to see her nurses in the OR one more time.

She got to hang out with Ms. Kym today at clinic and is starting to get excited for Camp Rainbow.  If you want to send her a letter or package at camp, make sure you get it in the mail next week so it makes it there in time for camp!


  1. Sarah, such good news! Thanks, also, for the camp mail reminder!

  2. Just catching up - send me the address and i'll send a postcard!


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