Fish Sitting

We are taking care of our neighbors' fish while they are at Disneyworld (Jealous!), and Mollie and Lucy are in love. They can't wait to feed Little Tommy every day. You would think they got a puppy or kitten to listen to them talk to him, but he is just a red betta fish. We might consider getting a betta of our own after Little Tommy goes home.

We had a great weekend. My dad arrived and has been helping keep the kids entertained while Matt and I tackle projects around the house. Isabella's family took Mollie strawberry picking with them on Saturday. We are now enjoying the fruits of their labor- a huge basket of strawberries! We have plan to make some fresh strawberry ice cream tomorrow and we have already enjoyed them plain, in salad, and in smoothies.

The girls spent most of the day yesterday playing in our backyard pool (a tiny baby pool on the deck, but they love it!). We think Liam is busy working on a tooth, but he enjoyed sticking his feet in the pool too. Mollie seems to be over her cough/cold and is not complaining of headaches any more.

This will be the first week of summer vacation- we plan to start the library summer reading program, make ice cream, and enjoy the nice weather. Mollie wants to shout hello to Mr. Morgan, her PE teacher. She misses him already!


  1. Love it! Glad vacation is starting nicely! When is the big move?

  2. Glad the girls are enjoying the fish! See you soon.



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