Clinic Update

Mollie's chemo went great today. The morning was hectic, but once we got to the clinic, things went smoothly. Mollie was ecstatic to see Miss Kym and talk about camp!! The theme this year is "Over the Rainbow." Mollie's counts were great (ANC 2900) and she was very relaxed for the procedures. Ms. Kat, the art lady, arrived just as we were getting ready to leave.... so we stayed for an art project (paper strip sculptures). On our way out, we walked around the reflecting pool so Mollie could admire the beautiful water lilies.

She was in a great mood all afternoon, ate a good dinner, and played with Lucy afterwards. We'll take it! Now they are "camping out" on the floor of their room, sleeping on handmade quilts from my great aunt Nancy.


  1. I am glad that you had a good day.

  2. Great news all around! KP loved her present.

  3. Life is good! Sounds like one of those days where she could just enjoy being 6.


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