Thank You!

Last week I sent an e mail to the organizer of the Augusta Light the Night Walk saying that we were going to participate in the walk, but we wouldn't be doing any fundraising this year; we had too many other things to do and didn't have the time. But, I decided to put a link here on the website and on Facebook anyway.

Within 5 days, thanks to family and friends, some whom we haven't seen in over a decade, we raised $1100 in honor of Mollie!

The walk was a wonderful celebration of life and hope. White balloons were for survivors and red balloons were for supporters. Many teams carried gold balloons in memory of those who have died from this horrible disease. Mollie asked what the gold balloons were for and we explained. She seemed satisfied with a simple explanation, but it is always really hard talking about people dying from the same disease she has. Really hard.

Mollie walked just about the whole way- she rode in the wagon for the last little bit. Both girls had a lot of fun at the celebration before the walk- they jumped in the bounce house, got balloons from a clown, and Mollie got her face painted.

As a thank you, we have 6 T-shirts to give away. For a chance to win, leave a comment on this post by Friday, Oct. 9. I will pick winners on Sat. morning. Make sure I have your e mail address so I know how to contact you. Donors will be automatically entered.


  1. congratulations. that is great. i love your family photo!

  2. Great pics! It chokes me up to see Mollie holding the white balloon.

    Lu looks cute in her oversized t :)

  3. Another reason to LOVE Facebook, huh? :-) That is AMAZING, Sarah! I am so excited for you guys. The photos are wonderful. You can really see the pride on Mollie's face. I am crying happy tears. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mollie, Is that a balloon painted on your cheek?? Great job! I'm so proud of you!!!

  5. Well, it sounds like a great success. I'm happy for all of you!
    Explaining the gold balloons brings tears to my eyes but such is life...
    Mollie and the whole family - you are looking great!
    Love you all.
    Grandpa TC

  6. Fantastic Sarah - the world of the interweb continues to amaze and inspire me! Congratulations on the walk too, looks like a wonderful evening.

  7. Although I would love a T-shirt I am sure that there are other people more deserving (and perhaps a bit less corpulent than I). I still wear the pink one from last year at least once a week.
    Bless you all.
    Grandpa TC


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