Fever (Now Updated)

Well, I am writing this post from the ER. Mollie awoke with a fever and cough this morning; we were directed here since the clinic isn't open on the weekends. She is receiving rocephin (antibiotic) right now, and we are waiting on a CBC. As long as her counts are good, she will not be admitted.

We haven't been to the ER in a while and now I am reminded why I hate it. The rooms are uncomfortable and it is really, really busy today. Once we actually got into a room, the first thing they did was make a mistake! A nurse walked in and gave Mollie a dose of Benedryl... instead of Tylenol! It happened so fast, I didn't even realize it until after she swallowed it. Now, I feel like I need to stand guard a the door and ask a million questions before anyone comes in. And, of course, I've made several phone calls to file complaints.

It was also a very difficult port access. The two nurses who did it were wonderful, but they couldn't get a blood flash on the first try, when Mollie was sitting in a chair. They wanted her to lay on the exam table to try a second time. Mollie is not used to this and *freaked out*. But, they got it on the second try and once everything was in place, Mollie said she didn't even feel them put the needle in!

Right now, she's watching Snow White, coloring, and waiting for the rocephin IV to finish. We all just want to go home. We are hoping and praying that Mollie's counts come back fine.

So, the update. Mollie's ANC is over 2000 (2160), which is good. All the docs are thinking this is some kind of upper respiratory viral infection (pretty much like the last 2 times she has had fever). She's home playing with some new (pink) Legos now. She is in good spirits and probably just needs a little time to rest and recuperate. The "plan" is for us to check with oncology on Monday and if she seems better, we will go in on Weds. as planned for her monthly chemo.

Will draw the winners of the t-shirts tomorrow.


  1. Sarah, tried to call earlier today and I received one of those automated messages that your phone was out of service which made me think you were in the ER. Anyway, please let me know what I can do. Can I keep Lucy? Keep me posted and let me know if you need anything ... really.


  2. Michelle- I think my phone is back to normal. My message expired. Who knew? Thanks for the offer- Matt took Lucy most of the day.

  3. Phew! I'm so glad you are back home. I LOATHED getting Isabel's port accessed in the ER. Sending our strongest good vibes Mollie's way. XO.

  4. No fun! I am glad she is home and not spending the night at the hospital.
    Pink Legos rock! :)

  5. Sarah,
    It was nice to speak with you today (actually probably tomorrow by my time zone). Anyway I'm glad that Mollie is doing OK. Mollie has great parents. I'm sure that I have no idea of the stress level that is involved but I know that "when the going gets tough the tough get going". I have so much respect for you and Mollie too. She has undergone more than her share of hard times and she is a very brave and strong girl.
    God bless you all and big hugs to Mollie & Lucy too!
    Grandpa TC (the grouch)

  6. Wow!! such a busy Saturday. So thankful that Mollie's counts were good and that you guys were not admitted--that always stinks. Praying she continues to feel well and that you will receive good news Monday.

  7. Big ugh on your weekend! With my recent ER visits, I totally feel for you, they are places to stay away from if at all possible - uncomfortable, busy and all the doctors and nurses are so rushed - i'm so glad you are all home and hope she's feeling better tomorrow!


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