What's Up?

The last few days have been difficult for several reasons. The good news is that Mollie and Lucy are fine. Mollie stayed home from school yesterday because she woke up looking somewhat ill and saying she didn't feel well. I didn't feel well either (lots of GI difficulties) and Matt's back was bothering him. So, I left the girls at home with him while I went to my doctor's appointment.

I couldn't stop throwing up at my appointment so my doc sent me over to the hospital (L&D) for some IV hydration and anti-nausea medication. We figured I would be there a few hours and then get discharged. But, when I finally started to feel better, the baby's heart rate decided to climb and they admitted me overnight for monitoring. I was having a lot of contractions and indications that I might be in labor, so Matt dropped the girls off at a neighbor's (thanks Michelle!!) and came down to MCG. His back was bothering him so much, and I didn't seem to be in active labor, so he ended up coming home. I got released this morning (the heartrate thing was probably due to the nausea medication) and feel much better (although, I suspect this baby will be born sooner rather than later). However, Matt's back is feeling much, much worse, he is also throwing up, and can barely stand to be out of bed. Mollie threw up this morning too, but we chalked it up to her big dose of chemo (she gets methotrexate and 6MP on Tuesday nights) because she seemed to feel fine. So, I ended up taking her in to school after I got home. I am concerned that she will get this nasty GI illness. And then tonight we noticed some redness/rash on her bottom. We'll have to keep on top of that and make sure it doesn't get worse. I may end up taking her in to clinic if it doesn't look better by tomorrow.

So, in a nutshell, we are overwhelmed. It's stressful. Obviously. We are looking forward to Grandpa Charlie's arrival. It will be a big relief to not have to worry about the kids if we have to take off for the hospital in a moment's notice.

And, oh yeah, Christmas is next week. Sometimes it feels like we just can't catch a break!


  1. shit, sarah. what can we do to help?
    you and baby are ok? has matt been to the doctor to rule anything out that might have his back pain connected to the vomiting?
    hugs, nicola

  2. Nicola- The baby, kids and I are all just fine. I'm feeling 100% better than on Tuesday. Matt's back has been getting worse for a few weeks now- probably a pinched nerve. He had an MRI the other day but doesn't have the results yet.

    The culmination of all of these things on one day was just too much! Matt's dad got here last night and we feel much better knowing he's here in case we have to rush to the hospital.

    Thanks for the offer of help! Things are under control at the moment- a little more online Christmas shopping and wrapping to be ready for Christmas. Still working on getting ready for baby- we've got the really important points covered, but still need to find a few things. Do you have any size small diaper covers? I can't find any of ours? Maybe I let someone borrow them?

  3. Hi. I know it feels like it will not end with all the virus's going around and you keep thinking, what next? Hopefully all of this will pass before next week and we hope you enjoy your christmas. Good luck on baby #3, we will be waiting to hear the news. Take Care. Karen shannon

  4. Please tell Mollie that i miss her. And that I hope she feels better because she is my first friend and she is very special to me and i hope that you all have a good life. Love Nadira Muhammad

  5. Thinking of you from the East Coast to the Gulf Coast and obviously the West Coast. If there's anything we can do, just say the word!


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