In the Christmas Mood

We had a quiet, productive weekend. We all had a nice time at the radiothon- we saw lots of friends from MCG, the girls got to play on the new indoor playground, and there were unlimited snacks. Mollie and Lucy were in their element!

Yesterday, we picked out our Christmas tree. It was not the highlight of Mollie's day- it was cold and she was on day 5 of steroids. But, coming home and decorating the tree while Lucy took a nap was a fun activity for Mollie. She did a beautiful job and I know she enjoyed it. We spent the evening in, watching holiday movies and drinking hot chocolate!

This morning, Mollie spent around 3 hours working on a book. Her friend Wes gave her a "make your own book kit" and Mollie made a book called "The Bear Who Loved Hot Chocolate." We still have to add the text, but she did all the pictures.


  1. cute photos. does she like the kit? lala is so-so on hers. she likes it, but it isn't much different for her than a drawing notebook. she's never that interested in coming up with a cohesive story!

  2. Nicola- Mollie loved that kit. We have another that is a bit more complicated... I'm holding on to it until she's a little older, but this one was only 6 or 8 pages with foam stickers, googly eyes, and backgrounds. When she ran out of the stickers provided, she started looking around the house for other options.

  3. What a cute gift idea! Your Cmas tree day sounds perfect.

  4. Cute book, glad she got into it, even if you don't get words on there, it sounds fabulous! Love the photos, Mollie looks great, how is her hair doing? Growing back at all? Glad your school is all done for the semester!


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