Hospital: Day #13

Pushing two weeks inpatient! Mollie is doing very well and is very, very tired of being here. Her WBC is 16,900. Her ANC is definitely over 5000 so they are stopping the neupogen shots! She is very lethargic, somewhat grouchy, and not eating much. She's also complaining of stomach pain. Matt and I think most of this is due to cabin fever and side effects of the drugs she's still on. It seems like there is little benefit to keeping her on all the antibiotics/antifungal so we will bring this up during rounds this am.

At the moment, she is working on school work with Ms. Pam, the hospital school teacher. She's in a good mood and for the moment has forgotten that her tummy hurts.

The nurse just came in from rounds and said they are going to stop all the IV meds: the Meropenem, caspofungin, and vancomycin. She got her last dose of Tamiflu on Sat. and will finish up the Zithromax today. They may keep her on a once per day oral antibiotic (like augmentin) and also give her some prevacid or zantac to help with the stomach issues. And then keep her 24 hours for observation. All of this still needs to be confirmed (I haven't yet seen the attending for this week, Dr. McD) and I also want to ask about the breathing treatments.

3:30 PM Update: Mollie got a hep-lock around lunchtime and she's been walking around the hospital ever since. So, so glad to finally get out of the room! All of her IV meds are stopped and she just had her augmentin (oral). She'll get her final dose of Zithromax shortly and she will continue the every 4 hour breathing treatments. She's been crafting, doing art, playing with some toys, and still not eating.


  1. You guys are getting closer and closer - hang in there Mollie, Mom, Dad and Lucy! I'm so so so so so happy to hear things are finally on the mend!

  2. Hey Mollie,
    I hope you get the good news of 24 hours observation and then they kick you out of the hospital!Things sound much better and I am so glad for you and your family.Praying you continue to feel better.
    Sending Hugs,
    "Nurse Coley"

  3. Oh Mollie - to get out there you need to eat!

    Hope things continue in the right direction and she gains her appetite back soon!

  4. Mollie - it sounds like you are perking up! Did you eat all those gummy treats yet? I'll be checking this blog tomorrow to see when you can head home. I know it will be soon!
    Mrs. Swenson

  5. So happy to here that Mollie has escaped that room. Thinking about you guys!

  6. 11/3 9:30am

    With all of the IV medicines and fluids disconnected and the respiratory therapy halted Mollie was able to sleep without interruption all night. She woke up this morning, ate a decent breakfast, got dressed and was in a great mood. Dr. McD just came in and... we're going home!!

  7. Hi Mollie,

    There is some cool Cinderella stuff that will be at your house later this week. I am impressed with your versatility, Mollie. If anyone can switch from being a scary bat to being a lovely princess, it's you!!! We love you.

    Michelle, Marv, and Isabella

  8. That is wonderful news!!!



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