Clinic Update

All went well for today's chemo and lumbar puncture. Mollie's ANC is holding strong at 2000! So... she doesn't have to go back to clinic for a month (except to get a flu shot in two weeks), as long as she stays healthy.

Everything went very smoothly, except that nurse Kate had a hard time getting a blood flash from Mollie's port, so we practically had to fold her into a pretzel to get the blood flowing. She barely complained about the fasting before her procedure and she was so tired that she barely needed versed for sedation in pre-op. We got in and out very quickly for a propofol day and even made it to the lunch buffet at the Pizza Joint.

The offerings in the Dino-store (the toy cabinet in pre-op) were pretty slim... mostly Bible coloring books and bookmarks, but Mollie spotted a My Little Pony figurine and carried it into the OR with her.

Glad the clinic part is over; Mollie will rest and recover the rest of the day and she'll begin taking steroids.


  1. You all are simply amazing!

  2. Mollie,
    You are such a strong girl - you take it all in stride. I love you so much and I am very proud of you. I missed seeing you this past weekend but I think Lucy had a good time by herself! I am looking forward to the Thanksgiving holidays with you. XOXO

  3. Way to Go, Mollie Girl!
    We love you so much.

  4. Awesome news - good luck in steroid week!


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