School Days

Mollie had a great time at kindergarten today!

Last night she was awake at midnight, nervous about getting on the bus and her first day of school. After a lot of reassurance, she finally fell asleep. This morning went very smoothly; Isabella helped her get on the bus and I know Mollie appreciated that!

She seemed to enjoy the activities at school and really loved seeing Hannah, although she misses her friends and the "centers" from pre-K. Lunch came home mostly un-eaten, so tonight she helped pack her food for tomorrow.

I have lots of health-related paperwork to fill out for the school. I am hoping they won't give us a hard time about absences since she has IV chemo and steroids next week.

All in all, it was a good first day! Matt and I are very happy with how this summer has gone. After everything she missed out on last year, it is so nice that she had the chance to go to camp and Tahoe and start kindergarten with her class.


  1. Love to Sweet Mollie Carroll. It seems impossible - Kindergarten already! You're on your way now!

  2. That's great news about school! I'm so happy for Mollie and the whole family. thanks for the news!

    Grandpa TC

  3. Hi, I am Nick's mom. (nicholasshannonrocks.blogspot.com), I think we met a while back. Nick is starting Kind. in two weeks and we filled out a 504 plan. Did the school tell you about it? It will protect Molly and you should put whatever you think necessary on the form. (I put wearing sunglasses in class, because Nick's eyes are sensitive to light.) My social worker gave me a list of things to write. Good luck and exciting news on her first day at school. Karen

  4. Woohoo! I am reminded of her photo last year under the tree with the pink red sox cap that had the ponytail on it, and her cute little outfit :)


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