Kindergarten Rocks

Mollie had a fabulous day at school today. When she came home, she said, "Thanks you so much for signing me up for kindergarten." She is just too sweet sometimes.

I talked with the school nurse and principal today and they were very friendly; it seems like everyone is very willing to work with us to accommodate Mollie's needs. Hurray! Now I just have to get current copies of her vaccinations and hearing/vision tests...

Lucy looks forward to Mollie coming home every day; I'm planning on enrolling her in a playgroup or class so she gets some interaction with other children.

Don't forget to stop by Dairy Queen tomorrow for a blizzard. Help make miracles happen!


  1. I'll show my age, but this is so "neat". God bless you Mollie! Life is great. Enjoy every moment! I saw lots of great meteors this morning. Keep on with those cool outfits!
    Grandps TC

  2. lunchbox and stickers en route!


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