Jet Lag

We got home from California late last night. After a week in Tahoe and then a few fun days visiting family and friends in the Bay Area, we are exhausted!

Both girls traveled well- nobody got sick (thank heavens!) and everything went very smoothly. The trip home was a little challenging; I was traveling by myself with Mollie and Lucy since Matt went home a few days earlier. Let me tell you, three people in an airplane bathroom is a very tight squeeze!! We had a very short layover (30 min) so we had to run through the airport to catch our connection. But, we made it. We haven't even attempted the daunting task of unpacking.

The trip was really wonderful. Our annual trip to Tahoe got canceled last summer after Mollie's diagnosis so we were REALLY looking forward to it this year. Mollie enjoyed swimming in the crisp, clear waters of Lake Tahoe and Lucy enjoyed throwing rocks. It was fabulous to have a whole week to spend with family that we love dearly, but don't see often. Mollie and Lucy had a great time with all the family around. They loved playing with their second cousin William, and Mollie especially loved doting over her two newest second cousins, babies Claire and Vivian.

Tonight we attended an open house at Mollie's school. We got to see her classroom and meet her teachers. It turns out her friend Hannah will be in her class- they are both very excited! She's got her "first day" outfit all picked out and is eager to start on Monday!

Tomorrow, we go to clinic for blood counts. Please cross fingers/pray/chant/whatever that her counts are high enough to re-start chemo. She has been without oral chemo for a month; it has been a nice break, but I want it to be over!

Tomorrow, pictures & details of our trip and a clinic update.


  1. So glad you guys are back and were able to enjoy some good quality family time. I'm sure Mollie has a great outfit picked to start school in, she has great style. Praying tomorrows counts are great!


  2. Welcome home everyone! It sounds as if your trip was just what you all needed. i hope tomorrows draw is perfect and that the first days of school are special and all that they should be. ...can't wait to see your photos!

    Be patient with the unpacking--you probably don't want or need all that stuff anyway! We are sending heaps of love in your direction.

  3. it was FANTASTIC to see you sarah. it made me realize i am just so out of your league now. you are an amazing mamma and person. i am so sorry i couldn't see mollie or lucy. (or matt!)
    sneding juju mollie's way and kindergarten....i can't believe it!


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