And she's off!

Mollie is away at camp! She could hardly contain her excitement yesterday when we took her to the camp check-in. I wonder what she's doing right now? I hope the counselors take some pictures, otherwise I'm sure we'll have no idea what they really did!

We had a little scare Sat. night. I was getting Mollie's medicine ready for camp, so I decided to give her her evening medication (just an antibiotic since she's off chemo right now) and get her morning medication ready. As I was doing this, Matt brought Lucy in for a good night kiss. When I turned back to what I was doing, something seemed amiss. I asked Mollie if she took her medicine already and she proudly said, "Yep! Both of them." Oh, no! Both of them- she was only supposed to take one.

I got on the phone with Dr. Vega and it turns out it wasn't such a big deal. We just held her antibiotic doses for Sunday. This mistake was simply caused by a change in routine. Usually, we carry Mollie's meds to her after she is already in bed, because she needs to take the chemo more than two hours after she eats. Since she is off chemo right now and getting ready for camp, we didn't do the routine.

By my calculation, we have given Mollie >1500 pills in the last year! This is the first mistake- kind of amazing, actually.

Guess who's already missing her big sister?


  1. yay!
    glad the scare wasn't a big deal after all.
    so glad she is off for a week of fun.
    i bet mamma and dada are missing her already, too!

  2. Wow! Mollie looks excited to be off and Lucy looks so big! I can't believe it.

  3. Wow- my heart sort of dropped when I read that! Glad it wasn't any huge deal-- and props on only one mistake out of 1500+! That's a statistical anomaly, wouldn't you guess? Love the photo of Lu in her Cal top :)

  4. Wow- Glad to hear the scare wasn't too much of a big deal.
    Mollie looks pretty pumped to be heading off to camp- I'm sure she'll have a great time!

  5. Could Lucy be any more adorably delicious? She really looks good enough to eat.


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