Mighty Mollie

Our interview aired this morning. Check out the video- Children's Miracle Network: Mighty Mollie

In other news, Mollie is struggling with the steroids. The only laugh I got out of her yesterday was when I told her there were a hundred fairies on her head. She said, "Are they going to cut my hair?" My reply, "No! They are watering and fertilizing it so it will grow faster!"

Today we will pick out her bean bag chair since she has saved up enough money to buy it. And we are going to make ice cream this afternoon... maybe that will satisfy some of her steroid-induced hunger?


  1. I loved it! What a great piece and I especially love Mollie's last quote... you guys are so amazing and inspiring!

  2. I love that you told her there were fairies in her head. And that they were making her hair grow. Very Sweet!

  3. will have to watch the video a little later.
    good for her on the bean bag. do you guys do an allowance?

  4. Great clip! I was doing pretty good until the end......thanks Matt:-) I boo-hooed like a baby. These memories are so tough. You should be closing in on the first of many during this month.

    We are flying through Friday, do you guys have plans?

  5. LOVED the video-- Matt made me weepy, too. Also love the gardening head-top fairies-- clever!


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