Leukemia Video

I was just visiting Isabel's blog and her mom had this video posted. We have a copy of the DVD (sent to us by Stephanie, a friend of Matt's parents). Mollie enjoys watching the DVD because it has so many things that are familiar to her. It is a simple and positive, yet realistic, look at leukemia.

Check it out at AboutKidsHealth!


  1. Great video clip....very informative. Do you mind if I share it on our site? I'm going to add it to the letter I'm writing for all of Gage's classmates for the next school year to help the children and parents better understand what our life is like.

  2. Go for it Nicole! I think you can purchase the DVD as well or you can borrow our copy.

    Thanks for reminding me to get on that too... we've got Kindergarten at a new school next year!

  3. Dad and I just watched the video. It is great - informative and relevant. We can see why Mollie likes it. She is such a trooper! Love to you all.


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