Last Day of Pre-school!

Tomorrow is Mollie's last day of pre-K. We will be attending the "closing ceremony" and then letting Mollie pick the lunch spot. She missed the first half of the school-year because of the chemo, but without knowing that, you would never be able to tell. She settled right in, became good friends with her classmates, and has really enjoyed these last 5+ months.

Time really flies and in some ways I am glad that we're zooming through chemo. However, I know it will be all too soon before Mollie is driving off to the mall with her high school friends... so I want to savor these moments of childhood too.


  1. yay, mollie!
    and i feel the same way!

  2. Hope the closing ceremony went well, wow time flies!

  3. It is so wonderful to see the 'normal' parental emotions of children growing up exist throughout Leukemia. It's a nice reminder that cancer doesn't trump everything; life is still life, it might be more, but it is never less.

    I remember last year a post that mentioned Mollie was sad that she couldn't go to school; I'm so happy that she did at least get to go for some of the time. I hope the closing ceremony was awesome!


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