Mollie was tagged by friend RGW. That means she has to tell 7 things about herself that you (the reader) don't know.

With a little help from Mama, here they are:

1) I have never eaten a hamburger.

2) I've got the tiniest hint of a Southern accent. When I say "jail", it sounds like "gel". When I say "hill", it sounds like "heel". My mom and dad have noticed the occasional "y'all" creeping in.

3) I have never had a soda.

4) I am scared of monsters, ghosts ("ghostes"), and monster-ghost mixes.

5) My favorite dream is that I am sliding down a rainbow.

6) I get really sweaty when I sleep soundly.

7) I am going to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween.

I am tagging Alyson, Katie, Isabel, Marielle, Emily, and Serenity.


  1. Little Red Riding Hood - so cute! And love the sliding down a rainbow, wish I could have that dream! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Loved your seven things, Mollie! I am going to be little red riding hood too or rather big red riding hood. Beaker will be the wolf! Ha ha! Everyone at my job dresses up and this was a last minute costume!

  3. Why no burgers?

    Love the mosaic- Lucy looks pretty excited about that beer!

  4. The photos are wonderful! I love the image of 'sliding down a rainbow and am just going to pass it right on to someone who needs (and will value) such a special image.

  5. We waffled between Minnie Mouse, Raggedy Ann, a ghost, and a bunch of others before we found that cute little red cape at a local thrift shop. It matched perfectly with the dirndl that my grandpa brought me from Germany 25 years ago!

    Liv- no hamburgers because we just don't eat hamburgers (or any read meat) that often. We hardly ever make them at home (maybe 8 times in the last 3 years?), and when we go out Mollie usually picks something else from the menu. And we rarely eat fast food.

    We barbecued hamburgers on Sunday for my dad's birthday and Mollie at a little piece of one- her first hamburger ever!

    I love the rainbow image too...


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