Scratch That

Mollie's ANC was 700 today so they are not going to start DI. I'm glad in a way (since Matt will be here to help and Mollie can enjoy Halloween), but I really want to just get this all started so it can be over.

And I'm annoyed we had to wait 3 hours in the waiting room, with Mollie having eaten nothing since 9 PM last night, only to be sent home. But now we're going to get burritos!

A little more detail added...
Mollie's ANC was 700 and the cut-off for beginning treatment was 750. So, we are going to try again next Tuesday, change one of her regular meds this week, and hope for a higher ANC next week.


  1. Phooey on that! Why in the world would counts take 3 hours to come back? Poor Molly. The only consolation I can think of:
    *She's not on the Dex yet. (Otherwise she might have eaten her shoelaces.)
    *One week off does not equal relapse and she'll feel great when she does have to start DI.

    Lots of Happy Halloween Love from Colorado!

    PS I can't think about a relapse as well. The rates are very low and our girls stand an excellent chance of getting through this in one shot.

  2. Ug. I know I would have had to build myself up to getting all these things done, only to have it shot down sucks. Stick to the good side - lots of fun Halloween treats!

  3. Thanks for the support. I wasn't all that built up, thanks to this happening a bunch of times before. Mollie hasn't been on any chemo for two weeks. I am glad for the break, but ready to just get on with this already!!

    The big deal is that Mollie does well when she knows what to expect (a day in advance at the most). So, I have to explain what is going to happen, she gets nervous about it, then she's okay with it. And then it doesn't happen. It's really hard to explain that to her.

    But, hopefully we'll have a nice Halloween (fingers crossed and knock on wood that nobody gets sick)!

  4. hugs. i can't imagine all your waiting. months of waiting on and off. you are amazing, S. seriously amazing.

  5. And I was upset because I waited 2 hours at the dentist for only an x-ray. Sheesh- talk about perspective! I have to commend you for keeping positive, though. It sounds as though you're chugging along with the end goal in sight, however far away, just taking it the best way you can for yourself and your family. Kudos!!!


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