Four Wishes

One of Mollie's favorite things to do when we go to the botanical gardens is to throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish.

When we went last week (with my mom), Mollie made 4 wishes:

I wish I would never ever have chemotherapy, ever again.

I wish I can go to Disneyland and the doctors would say it was okay.

I wish I would go swimming.

I wish we could come back to the zoo someday.

And we just found out Mollie will be getting a wish from the Make-a-Wish foundation. We are meeting with her "wish facilitators" tomorrow evening. They lost their own daughter to a congenital heart defect. They had a wonderful "wish" experience with their daughter and I am looking forward to meeting them.

Mollie understands (sort of) that she'll be getting a wish that will help her stay strong in her fight against cancer. She comes up with all kinds of stuff but the top three are: a "playhouse with a fireplace, tea set, and garden", a trip to Disney, a trip to Hawaii. This is Mollie's choice and we don't want to influence her (well, we have to provide some guidance so she doesn't wish for something that she would scare her). I'm interested to see what she finally chooses.


  1. That is so exciting, I will be interested to read how it all turns out with the wish and the "make a wish" foundation. eh

  2. Hooray for the wish!! Also, Mollie looks so cute in the hat we sent!!


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