Quick update

Pictures coming soon...

We had a great weekend at the barrier islands in South Carolina's lowcountry. The weather was great and Mollie had a nice time swimming in the pool and playing with grandma. She wasn't too fond of the beach because it was breezy and she's scared of the wind; we're working on getting her over that. It was a great break for all of us and, except for some difficulty bending down and getting up, Mollie was her normal self.

Tomorrow she is scheduled to begin consolidation (attempt #3). Please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well. She should not be sick and we hope her WBCs have recovered and that her ANC is above 750. If that's the case, she will get IV chemo and then she'll go to the OR for a spinal tap and intrathecal chemo administration. Not fun, but necessary.

While we were gone, we received parcels from: Uncle Sam, Husqvarna (Charlotte), the Medranos, Theresa and Roy, and Genevieve.


  1. Fingers are crossed. Good luck.

  2. Fingers crossed, prayers said, and whatever else I can think of!

    Glad Uncle Sam's package has arrived-- I didn't hear the final version of the story, but the outline was cute :)

  3. Good to see you back online. I hear the outer banks are spectacular! You are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope today goes smoothly and that Mollie is as brave as she told me to be.


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