(Hello Readers, this is Matt, posting from Sarah's account)

Quick update from today. Sort of a mixed review, although from my perspective, 100% positive: Mollie's cough was significant enough to postpone beginning consolidation therapy until next Wednesday - we will instead continue with antibiotics and let her rest. Her counts were good (ANC = 1600, Hgb over 11, Platelets around 85, etc) and her day 29 bone marrow was negative on presence of the cancer. So I look at it this way - a week off (only the antibiotics, mouthcare, etc) and an opportunity to build strength before diving into the vincristine etc again.


  1. I am so happy to hear that her counts are good. Sounds like a week's rest will be beneficial to all of you. I only wish that I could be there to help. Tell Mollie thank you for the lovely beaded necklace. I am wearing it right now. My love and prayers to all.

  2. I'm curious whether you're using the mouthcare as a preventitive or does Mollie have mouth sores? We haven't had to use anything yet, knock on wood.


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