It is day 35 of Mollie's treatment for leukemia and she's already had two transfusions of packed red cells. We are so thankful to the anonymous donors. If you are eligible, please donate blood!

The parents of Serenity, another little girl with A.L.L., have set up a National Blogger Blood Drive for July 30. We haven't gotten that organized, but please check out your local Red Cross to find out where you can give blood.

For a typical whole blood donation, red cells, plasma, and platelets can be separated and used for 3 patients (although the platelets have to be pooled with platelets from other donors to make one unit).

I first donated blood in high school and have been a pretty regular donor ever since. It's easy, quick (<30 minutes), and almost painless (just a little pinch when the needle goes in). So if you're healthy and eligible, please consider it. It is a great way to share your good blessings with others. If you're not eligible to donate, you can spread the word and encourage others to donate.

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  1. Thank you for posting about the blood drive.


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