Clinic Update

I'll cut right to the chase... Mollie's blood work came back fine!  Happy dance!

Dr. J thinks this lingering cough is allergy/post-nasal drip; her lungs sound great and she has a prominent lymph node or two, consistent with a cough/allergy.  No evidence of bronchitis or strep. Unfortunately the blood draw was an arm stick (not the preferred finger stick), but Mollie was a trooper and didn't even cry!  Her WBC is 12.3, ANC is 8000, hemoglobin is 13.6, and platelets are 237,000.   All of her other blood chemistry (electrolytes, liver markers, kidney markers) looked fine too. 

This was Mollie's last appointment at Levine Children's Hospital.   It is a great clinic and a wonderful group of people.  We will miss the staff and Dr. J!  Hopefully the new clinic will be up to snuff!


  1. Whoop whoop! I'm doing my happy dance too. Gage freaks out just talking about doing an arm stick so way to go Mollie, such a brave girl.

    Wishing you all the very best! Huge hugs!

  2. STELLAR news! Big hugs to you all :)

  3. Sweet news! I know you will miss Levine as well as MCG but I am guessing that you will establish a relationship with Children's Hospital Oakland (or perhaps not). It certainly has a stellar reputation and I think you may have a mother-in-law with a wee bit of an "in" there.
    I'm very happy for Mollie and the whole family!
    Regards & love to all...

  4. Prayers for you from a stranger.

  5. Just catching up with this post and the last. The middle of June marks two huge events for you, with an anniversary as well. 4 years...that was good to read that Mollie doesn't like to talk about it. I won't bring it up, but I am proud of her and you from afar, even if that sounds strange given I last saw her just before her diagnosis. She's lived and is living a full life and I am so glad her results are good! See you soon.
    ps. She is looking SO much like your sister now!


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