Where Did April Go?

Spring is in full swing around here, and summer is just around the corner!  The next month is going to be the [relative] calm before the storm.  Starting in June we have the last day of school, Mollie and Lucy's ballet performance,  ballet camp,  Camp Rainbow, and then we are moving at the end of July!  And I have so much to accomplish to make that all happen smoothly!  I'll say it again... we are really excited to be moving back to California!

Mollie had a clinic visit a few weeks ago and everything went just fine.  Her blood counts were perfect and Dr. J said that she looks great and is growing well.   We had her regular pediatric visit as well, and Dr. L confirmed that Mollie appears to be very healthy.  One thing that both her doctors have noted are shotty nodes in her neck.  These are small, hard lymph nodes.  Dr. J said that they can mean that she is fighting an infection, or since they seem to be persistent, it might just be the way her nodes are after fighting multiple infections during chemo. 

Lucy is almost the exact same age that Mollie was at diagnosis, a fact that I do think about often, especially with the plethora of bruises that Lucy always has on her legs.  She is a rough-and-tumble girl though, and the bruising just comes with the territory.

Liam is a talkative two year old these days.  He tries to keep up with Lucy and Mollie, but is content doing his own thing when they are too busy for him. He's a smart little guy who wants to do everything by himself ("No!  Liam do it!").

We signed the kids up for the Blanket Fairy's Christmas in July again.  It was so great last year- we are all very touched by the generosity and kindness of the volunteers.  Next year, we plan to be fairies for another family. 

There are quite a few spots left for this summer, so if you have a child going through treatment or in remission, sign them up at the link below:


  1. Great news! We wish you a wonderful summer and are very happy for all of you on the move. Enjoy.....

  2. HEY MOLLIE - Glad you are doing so well. It sounds like your family is happy and busy. I will see some of the teachers/students from Stevens Creek later this week and will let them know you are doing great! Mrs. Swenson

  3. Glad to hear Mollie is doing well. Hard to believe that little Liam is two and Lucy is 4(?) and big sister Mollie is 8--I remember seeing her when you all were at Matt's grandparent's farm when she was just a little over a year old and then again around age 3. Time sure flies. I'm sure his grandparents are sad to see you moving to the west coast, but happy for you to be where you want to be. Good luck on your relocation!!

    Theresa (Matt's cousin)


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